Jumpi v1.2.0

Interface Jumpi

All Superinterfaces:
Component, Configurable, Jumpi, Manageable
All Known Implementing Classes:

public interface Jumpi
extends Component, Jumpi

A Jumpi service provider implementation implements the Jumpi client API interface and is the root of a Component tree, providing basic services to the child components. Services include a Timer service, ThreadFactory, SequenceGenerator and TaskScheduler.

Jumpi, the universal message passing interface written in Java, is a simple, generic, and extensible low level message passing communications API. A Jumpi client application uses the Jumpi client API in org.jumpi to perform message passing regardless of underlying protocols and networks.

Method Summary
 Logger getLogger()
          Get the Logger.
 SequenceGenerator getSequenceGenerator()
          Get the SequenceGenerator.
 TaskScheduler getTaskScheduler()
          Get the TaskScheduler.
 ThreadFactory getThreadFactory()
          Get the ThreadFactory.
 Timer getTimer()
          Get the Timer.
 java.lang.String getVersion()
          Get the version of the Jumpi implementation.
Methods inherited from interface org.jumpi.spi.Configurable
configure, getName
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Methods inherited from interface org.jumpi.Jumpi
getDestination, getDestination, getDestination, getDestination, getSelector, manage, recv, recv, recv, recv, send, send, send, send, shutdown, startup

Method Detail


public Logger getLogger()
Get the Logger. The Logger can be used by any child components to log messages, warnings, errors or debug info.

the Logger.


public TaskScheduler getTaskScheduler()
Get the TaskScheduler. The TaskScheduler can be used by any child components to schedule themselves or components known to them which need to be scheduled in order to do useful work.

the TaskScheduler.


public SequenceGenerator getSequenceGenerator()
Get the SequenceGenerator. The SequenceGenerator can be used by any child components to provide unique sequence numbers.

the SequenceGenerator.


public ThreadFactory getThreadFactory()
Get the ThreadFactory. The ThreadFactory can be used by any child components to get Threads.

the ThreadFactory.


public Timer getTimer()
Get the Timer. The Timer can be used by any child components to interrupt TimerListeners periodically or once after a Timer has expired.

the Timer.


public java.lang.String getVersion()
Get the version of the Jumpi implementation.

the version of the Jumpi implementation.

Jumpi v1.2.0

Copyright 2003, Peter Jonathan Klauser.