Jumpi v1.2.0

Interface Component

All Superinterfaces:
Configurable, Manageable
All Known Subinterfaces:
Connector, Controller, Jumpi, Logger, SequenceGenerator, TaskScheduler, ThreadFactory, Timer, Transformer
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractConnector, AbstractController, AbstractTransformer, HttpConnector, JumpiImpl, SequenceGeneratorImpl, SystemLoggerImpl, TaskSchedulerImpl, ThreadFactoryImpl, TimerImpl

public interface Component
extends Configurable, Manageable

The Component interface is implemented by all Jumpi implementation components, making them both Configurable and Manageable.

Methods inherited from interface org.jumpi.spi.Configurable
configure, getName
Methods inherited from interface org.jumpi.spi.Manageable

Jumpi v1.2.0

Copyright 2003, Peter Jonathan Klauser.