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Interface Manageable

All Known Subinterfaces:
Component, Connector, Controller, Jumpi, Logger, SequenceGenerator, TaskScheduler, ThreadFactory, Timer, Transformer
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractConnector, AbstractController, AbstractTransformer, HttpConnector, JumpiImpl, SequenceGeneratorImpl, SystemLoggerImpl, TaskSchedulerImpl, ThreadFactoryImpl, TimerImpl

public interface Manageable

The Manageable interface provides a means for managing a Jumpi component at runtime, and providing lifecycle support.

The component lifecycle starts with a LINK, and then STARTUP operation. The lifecycle is ended with a two phase shutdown, using the SHUTDOWN, JOIN and then UNLINK operations. It is intended that a Jumpi component instance can be reusable by being able to go through multiple lifecycles with re-configuration when the instance is not active.

The MANAGE operation allows management of specific components or sets of components within the Jumpi component tree. The operation to be performed during the MANAGE operation is defined by the given parameters.

The INFO operation allows information to be given from the Jumpi components to the caller of the INFO operation. This may give transparency to internal state of the Jumpi instance. Each Jumpi component shall place textual information pertaining to the state of the component in a Hashtable provided as parameters, referenced under the fully qualified name of the component. This can be used to find all the names of the internal components. This is useful later for the MANAGE operation.

See Also:
Operation, Parameters

Method Summary
 void manage(Component root, Component parent, java.lang.String operation, java.util.Hashtable parameters)
          Perform a recursive management operation through the Jumpi component tree, using the parameters provided.

Method Detail


public void manage(Component root,
                   Component parent,
                   java.lang.String operation,
                   java.util.Hashtable parameters)
            throws java.lang.Exception
Perform a recursive management operation through the Jumpi component tree, using the parameters provided.

The following management actions must be handled:

root - the Jumpi instance at the root of the component tree.
parent - the immediate parent of the component.
operation - the operation.
parameters - the operation parameters.
java.lang.Exception - if any failure to perform management occurs.
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException - when parameters are missing.

Jumpi v1.2.0

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