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Jumpi is distributed under the Jumpi license.

The Jumpi license is fully compatible with the Apache Software license, which is an OSI Certified Open Source License.

Many thanks go to the contributors of the third party software listed below!


The Jumpi distribution contains the following third party libraries.
Java Activation FrameworkLICENSE-jaf.txt 1.0.2 Sun's activation framework which is used at runtime by the Java Mail libraries.
Java MailLICENSE-javamail.txt 1.3.0 Sun's java mail libraries.
Log4jLICENSE-log4j.txt 1.2.7 This product includes software developed by the Apache Software Foundation (http://www.apache.org/).
mpiJava 1.2.4 mpiJava is not distributed entirely with Jumpi. The mpijava.jar which is distributed is an archive of mpiJava's Java classes. This will only allow you to compile Jumpi against mpiJava. You still need to download and deploy mpiJava and a third-party MPI native product, i.e. MPICH, in order to run Jumpi over mpiJava.
Somnifugi-JMSLICENSE-somnifugi-jms.txt 0.4.3 Somnifugi is an JMS provider that works inside a single JVM to send JMS Messages between Threads. Many thanks go to David Walend who was extremely cooperative and quick in extending his software.


The following third party software is used in developing Jumpi.
Ant 1.4.1 Used stand alone and as an Eclipse plug-in, Ant is the beast of burden for all building tasks. An inspirational project for simple component based development and extendibility.
Antenna 0.9.9 A nice set of Ant tasks for the J2ME development.
DocCheck 1.2b2 An invaluable tool for checking completeness of Javadoc. Thanks to Sun for supplying the b2 which works with JDK14. Pity the tool has not been developed past beta stage by Sun for years!
Eclipse 2.0 Rock solid development IDE. The biz for re-factoring and CVS integration! Cheers IBM.
J2MEUnit 1.0 Porting of an old JUnit version to MIDP1.0 platform.
J2ME Wireless Toolkit 1.0.4_01 The definitive testing tool for MIDP1.0 applications. Provides network monitoring and profiling.
Jalopy 0.2.6 A fantastic source code formatter available as an Eclipse plug-in or standalone, with automatic Javadoc generation.
javacheck 2.0.1 A Java compliance checker for Personal Java.
JAXP 1.2_01 Sun's XML suite - which packages Apache's nifty XML and XSL stuff. It rocks.
JUnit 3.7 The beast of burden for all J2SE testing.
MPICH 1.2.4 A Windows friendly, portable MPI native implementation. Most recommended for usability.
Tomcat 4.1.24 Jakarta Tomcat Servlet Engine - uses Servlet specificatgion version 2.3


The following generous individuals all contributed to the Jumpi project. Again many thanks to you all!
My wife For putting up with me and letting me spend so much time on Jumpi!
Sourceforge Team Providing a great platform for Open Source!

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