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Interface TimerListener

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public interface TimerListener

TimerListeners are registered at a Timer to receive timer interrupts. A Timer calls handleTimerInterrupt() when the timer interval for the instance has expired.

The interruption is not guaranteed to be 100% time accurate. This is due to runtime indeterminacy due to the underlying OS and VM thread-scheduling, garbage collection, workload and timer inaccuracies.

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Method Summary
 void handleTimerInterrupt()
          Notification that a timer previously registered with a Timer has expired.

Method Detail


public void handleTimerInterrupt()
Notification that a timer previously registered with a Timer has expired. This interrupt should NEVER block the calling Thread, nor perform significant work resulting in long processing time. The calling thread belongs to the Timer instance and is required to interrupt other TimerListeners in a timely fashion.

See Also:
Timer.interruptAt(long, org.jumpi.spi.component.TimerListener), Timer.interruptAfterDelay(long, org.jumpi.spi.component.TimerListener), Timer.interruptPeriodically(long, org.jumpi.spi.component.TimerListener, boolean)

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